Business strategy

Trovac Business strategy


It is important to adapt your marketing strategy to your target clientele and to your market. Here are the key marketing activities that we recommend in order to establish your strategy and to develop your market:

  • Identify and get to know your target clientele.
  • Receive the necessary training about our products to prepare your sales team.
  • Put up your showroom.
  • Develop your marketing tools (brochures, flyers, posters, etc.)
  • Develop your website and social medias.
  • Make a big event or a promotion for the launch of your business.
  • Start prospecting clients.
  • Take part in commercial fairs and exhibitions.
  • Follow-up on your sales and communications goals.

Rest assured, we work closely with all our partners to provide them the marketing tools they need and establish their communication plan. In addition, we regularly broadcast national promotional campaigns on different platforms, building on the worldwide reputation of our company and our products, which contributes to generating online demand and in-store traffic. The proven success of our methods and our experience will contribute to making your promotional efforts more efficient.

*Trovac reserves the right to make recommendations on the way its products are presented in order to ensure compliance with standards and the brand image.

Organisational structure

Trovac offers an organisational structure that covers the variety of activities required to acquire our products. Note that this structure is provided strictly as a reference.

Pricing structure

Trovac takes into account your knowledge of the market, your target customers and your competitors. It can guide you, but you will have the flexibility to establish your pricing structure and offer competitive prices while maintaining attractive profit margins.

It is important for you to know that there are three different levels within your distribution network and the prices structure must be established in order to see that you and your dealers have sufficient profit margins.


When starting a new business, a few steps are mandatory, such as market study, marketing plan, recruiting, etc. These activities, which will pay off once you start your operations, require some investments. Our business plan will guide you to get started in the central vacuum industry.

Do you already have a dealer network? Use It!

Trovac Industries offers central vacuums, but also a wide range of complementary products and accessories: Retraflex-the retractable hose system, exclusive hoses and handles; brushes; high quality fittings, engine units; automatic water collectors and collector; dust bags, UVC air purifiers and various parts. This makes it easier to expand your yield possibilities by offering the most appropriate range of products to your dealer network!

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