Reasons to partner with Trovac

Reasons to make business with Trovac

Great experience

With more than 60 years of experience in the manufacturing and marketing of central vacuum systems, including 25 years in the international market, Trovac will amaze you with its exceptional know-how and its support in the development of your market. Our experience in identifying new business opportunities, cultivating and maintaining relationships with business partners, and spearheading effective sales and market penetration strategies, positions us to greatly impact your organization. Added to this is the power of a strong and well-established dealer network, a fair price policy and a proven financial model that guarantees a remarkable profit margin.

Supply chain

Over the years Trovac has implemented a strategy based on its ability to supply quickly and at the best possible cost. Trovac is able to supply you by container from its factory in Canada or from one of its warehouses. For more urgent needs or for smaller quantities, it is possible to order from our international distribution centers including those in France for Europe and in British Columbia for Asia/Pacific, with advantageous transport costs. While reducing the delivery time, ordering from a distribution center on the same continent as you also makes it easier for you to offer the right range of products for your dealer network!

Quality and innovation above all

As the industry leader in research and development Trovac will never cease to surprise you with new, improved and innovative products that will make your market thrive. Because Trovac offers top quality products, it also offers competitive warranties that will exceed your market’s needs and expectation.

Trovac is vertically integrated into its production chain. Our exclusive products are made in our factory and we use certain components from companies that manufacture exclusive parts according to our specifications and high quality standards.

Exceptional service

Trovac is dedicated to continuously offering high quality professional service to their partners and clients. Our dedication to stimulating business development by pooling our sales and marketing resources characterizes our achievements and will allow you to benefit significantly from the talents of our team. Your satisfaction and success is our main source of motivation.

We are committed to rapid and precise management of orders and deliveries.

We provide training and support to ensure the performance of the entire network.